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In the eighth episode of the sixth season of The Next GenerationI have a lot of questions. So it felt super weird when he let Worf steal the show from him! Let her portrayal of Durango stand as evidence that the writers need to use her more, especially for comedic roles.

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The episode is a science fiction episode set primarily in a holographic old west town, with characters that are normally aboard the USS Enterprise D. Major characters include DataTroiWorfand Alexander Worf's sonas well as several guest stars filling in as various holodeck characters. This episode features a scene with "Data in Drag" and also has numerous comedy elements.

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This episode cracks me up because Brent Spiner is actually from Texas like me! Also, props to TNG for depicting one of the continuing battles cat-owners must fight when they attempt to use their personal computers. My dear Cheshire got me into the Moomins a few years back, primarily the comics and what I could read of the books I still need to get my hands on a physical copy of them, dangit cost of living!

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IMDb Memory Alpha. While the Enterprise waits for a rendezvous with a supply ship, the crew takes the opportunity for some downtime. While the real Data swaggers around the Enterprise using potted plants as spittoons, Worf and Troi must rescue a kidnapped Alexander and complete the Ancient West program, which will, for some reason, allow them to end the program and get the holographic hell out of holographic Dodge.

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Overall, a very good episode, though they could have done without the bit where Data appears as a barmaid. Although just for a laugh, if I wrote that holodeck program, I would have only allowed the program to end once Worf consumated his relationship with Data The Barmaid. Cool ep.

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When the crew finds they have some spare time on their hands, they take on some personal projects and diversions. Data and Geordi ever the nerds, even in their free time — says the guy writing a Star Trek review try an experiment where Data hooks himself into the ship's computer to increase efficiencies. Meanwhile, Worf gets dragged to the holodeck by his son to role-play in the Old West or the "Ancient West," as this episode calls it.

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A rare period of downtime gives the U. Enterprise staff a chance to pursue recreational interests. On the Enterprisethe crew's pursuits are interrupted by tiny malfunctions in the system.

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: A Fistful of Datas 07 Nov

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This won't come as a shock to any of you, but I don't know that much about science. I enjoy science fiction, but in terms of believability, all I ask is that the story not directly contradict any basic physical laws. Or if it does, it should at least provide some explanation for doing so.

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In a big way. We celebrate those fashions here. Ah, but before we get into that, we need to make sure it all makes sense.


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