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This individuality, along with the cultural taboos around body functions, are some reasons why there are many misconceptions about bowel movements. Generally, doing so won't cause any harm, but making it a habit can result in some undesirable health effects. Constipation is common and most people experience it at some point in their lives.

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It doesn't hurt. But it does feel like an alien is probing your butthole. If there is a crazy, sharp pain, something is very wrong.

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What happens when you hold in your poop? Stool travels from the rectum back up to the colon, allowing the water in the stool to reabsorb into the body. Sarina Pasrichatold Fatherly.

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She pooped all over the sheets. She also didn't realize this was a possible outcome and was mortified by the whole ordeal. Lucky for her, her boyfriend thought it was hilarious.

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One of the most popular sex positions has long been a taboo topic. We tapped an expert to get the bottom of anal sex so you can too! There's nothing like having a Sex and the City -esque chat with your friends to make you feel ahead or behind the sexual curve, particularly when that curve is the butt.

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And they will just think it is a consequence of having sex. People should know that anal fissures can be treated and that there are things you can do to help heal them. They can bleed—a lot.

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Pooping is a healthy part of our bodily functions, yet we are taught from a young age that it is an inappropriate, embarrassing, and uncouth bodily function. Toilet phobia is actually one of the more prominent yet least talked about phobias that exist. The good news is there are ways to ease your anxiety about having to poop in public places.

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A study by the Kinsey Confidential suggested that roughly 25 percent of straight men and women try anal sex at one point, and that only about 10 percent had had it in the last year. When it came to women, specifically, a recent study found that one in three straight women have given anal a try at least once. Of course, that mentality absolutely needs to change.

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View image. A child who passes stools into his underwear has a problem called encopresis or soiling. Some children have encopresis because they deliberately try to hold back stools.

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Sigmund Freud coined it, and psychiatrists in the s co-opted it to describe a pattern among low-IQ patients in mental institutions who pooped in inappropriate places. The afflicted child may retain a bowel movement for days on end, resulting in soiled underpants, or feces excreted in public places. Tom DuHamela Seattle-based child psychologist, and the only specialist in North America who treats the problem. The child associated the pain with sitting on the toilet and began to fear the routine.


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