Striped possum habitat

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Profile Picture 2. The Fergusson Island striped possum, a marsupialweighs a little less than one half kg 1 lb. It probably inhabits lowland rainforest Striped possums generally live in rainforest or sclerophyll forest.

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Gliding and striped possums are arboreal, which means that they live in trees. They are also nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep during the day, often in hollow trees. Members of this family are medium-sized.

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The Striped possum is a marsupial noteworthy for its prominent striped black and white pattern. Its coarse coat has 3 longitudinal variable stripes of black. Juvenile and sub-adult animals show a sharp contrast between their black and white markings.

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Conservation status : The striped possum is listed as Least Concern under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act and is ranked as a low priority under the department's Back on Track species prioritisation framework. Description : The striped possum is hard to mistake, with its bold, skunk like appearance of striking black and white stripes along its body and a white tip to its tail. They have elongated slightly furred toes.

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Striped Possum: Dactylopsila trivirgata. Diet: Food finding activities include searching through tree trunks, limbs and fallen rotting logs to find grubs and other insects. It uses its sharp lower incisors to break away the bark, or its tongue to extract insects from deep holes and cracks.

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Common striped possums Dactylopsila trivirgata inhabit Australia and New Guinea, including some nearby islands. In Australia they are restricted to northeastern Queensland, ranging from the tip of the Cape York Peninsula in the north to Mt. Spec in the south.

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The striped possum Dactylopsila trivirgata is a member of the Petauridae family[2] one of the marsupial families. The species is black with three white stripes running head to tail, and its head has white stripes that form a 'Y' shape. It is closely related to the sugar gliderand is similar in appearance.


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