Insert tampon into vagina

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Also, if you're anxious about the fact that you are too tight, you will only get tighter and things will be harder. Remember that your pelvic floor is designed to be strong and also designed to be able to pop out a baby so it shouldn't be too small for a tampon. For the tampon insertion, relax as much as you can and stand with one foot on the loo or bath.

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I totally had the same fear when I first started using tampons. We have a great video on our website that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly use a tampon. I would have to say no, it is not possible.

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Of course, periods differ from woman to woman and day to daywhich is why there are different absorbencies from light to super plus. Many women go the tampon-with-a-pad-for-backup route. Others may choose to double up on tampons—as in, put two tampons in at once—which you might think would do the same thing.

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Real Talk 20th January by Online editors. I am 23 years of age and for the 10 years I have had my period I have never been able to use a tampon. When I first, er, started bleeding down there my mum gave me my first packet of pads, and even though I had heard of tampons, pads suited me just fine for the first few years.

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Tampons are used for menstrual flows to absorb the blood during the days of a period. Much like sanitary pads, they are a blend of rayon and cotton that collect any blood and fluid flowing out of the vagina. Once inserted, a cord extends out of the body for easy removal.

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You may feel nervous about using a tampon for the first time. Tampons are products used to absorb your menstrual flow. They are made of soft cotton pressed together to form a cylinder-like shape, so that they can be easily inserted into the opening of the vagina.

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Menstrual cups. Period underwear. When it comes to feminine hygiene, ladies, we have options.

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Be sure to read important information about Toxic Shock Syndrome. Click here for answers to question about tampons and their myths. Playtex is a licensed trademark.

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Tampons are pressed cotton cylinders used internally to collect menstrual flow. Many women prefer to use tampons because they are less messy and more discreet than pads. Tampons have been around in one form or another for centuries.

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When I got my first periodI strictly used pads because the thought of inserting something into my body seemed scary and nearly impossible. However, once I learned how, it became super easy for me to insert and I realized I like tampons significantly more than pads. Here are the instructions to follow when inserting a tampon.


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