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They also have many differences such as the tone, and the type of poem. Everyone feels a need to love and to be loved. Some attempt to fill this yearning with activities and possessions that will not satisfy — with activities in which they should not participate and possessions they should not own.

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More specifically, in this poem the idea of marriage while love and flesh are still young should be heeded or one may suffer in their later years alone and loveless. Herrick suggests that this gift of virginity might be a great waste if not given while it is still desirable. Virginity is a gift for the simple reason that it can only be given once to the taker of the prize, which he believes should be the husband

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Edna Pickett's sophomore English class, circa The carpe diem advise of Robert Herrick's poem rings profoundly sexist in today's culture. Of course, even worse is its agist stance.

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It was first published in in a volume titled, Hesperides. One is extolled to live in the moment, and waste no time on frivolous pursuits in this particular philosophy. The poet has chosen to structure this piece with a consistent pattern of rhyme which follows the scheme of abab cdcd efef ghgh.

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It does not urge rash action, but it does urge readers to answer the door when opportunity knocks. Year of Publication. Source of Inspiration.

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Already have an account? Log in! Based upon reading the title before reading the poem, I believe that the speaker is talking to a group of virgins and is telling them that they should enjoy living their life as young lovers before time runs out and they lose their chance to do so.

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Here is the poem, with a short analysis of it:. Gather ye rose-buds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying. That age is best which is the first, When youth and blood are warmer; But being spent, the worse, and worst Times still succeed the former.

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Robert Herrick Seizing the day means eating, drinking and making merry for tomorrow we shall all die. The carpe diem spirit, however, has translated to modern times and is the theme of.

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Guess what? You already know this poem. Ever heard the line " Gather ye rosebuds while ye may "? Herrick was probably inspired to write "To the Virgins" by a line from a Latin poet named Ausonius c.


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